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Jami Deva

Practicing with the Sufi’s for over 30 years, Jami is a visionary producer of ecstatic music and events that empower people to strengthen and renew their own autonomous connection to the True Source.  He believes that Sound, Light, Breath and Movement are the keys to unlocking human potential and returning to the natural frequency of True Love.  Jami has dedicated his life work to the expansion of consciousness through live events and recording media.

Jami has been the audio producer, DJ and co-founder on tour with Qi Revolution since 2005.   He is a master at creating a healing soundscape that nurtures and Inspires real transformation.   Sound is perhaps one of the most powerful influences in our energy field.  It is an invisible force that connects and can translate a moment into pure feeling.  Sound is the carrier wave of Unity Consciousness.

We are at a unique time in human history where the human race is waking up. We are realizing our true potential as vast and infinite spiritual beings. We are at this moment undergoing a transformative process of becoming who we truly are. Dissolving illusions of separateness and limiting belief structures, rebuilding our world view, our relationships, and our connection with Nature


Megan Cannon

To Megan Cannon, Life and the Healing Arts are inseparable. Nothing is more exciting and fulfilling than living holistically. Megan began her journey as a Yogini 25 years ago while earning a Special Education degree from Western Washington University. She had the privilege of learning from several of the Northwest’s most honored Masters.

Megan is greatly inspired by the classical Iyengar tradition of Yoga asana which is deeply rooted in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.  She has been teaching for 19 years and had the honor and challenge of studying in Puna, India for 3 months with BKS, the founder, his family and senior teachers. On top of teaching the classical and properly aligned asana, Megan blends her passion for dance and body-movement into an embodied and ecstatic Vinyasa flow.

Currently her greatest teacher is her beautiful 2 year old son, jj Atma. Before becoming a mom, Megan spent much of her time co-facilitating Yoga Teacher Trainings in Hawaii, Bali and south India. When she isn’t traveling she wakes each day on the enchanting Big Island of Hawaii, and absorbs with every breath the organic local essence of one of Mother Nature’s miracles. Here she co-founded a popular Waldorf based charter school.

Megan Christiane is a natural health and wellness coach certified in raw living nutrition. She is an advocate for women’s health and empowerment, conscious communication and the healing qualities of nature’s essential oils.

Just ahead there is a joyful and glorious path for each of us. So exciting together taking the steps to create the best life ever!


Jesse Noemind

noemind [pronounced] no•mind \ know•mind: All Heart = no mind. When thinking stops. BEING takes over.

Our web-master, Jesse Noemind is both a Bali based artist and universal light transmitter. Through an alchemical approach to the dream with in a dream, he provokes higher states of consciousness. Setting an unprecedented live digital painting tour, noemind has performed at more than 100 shows in 2 years while pushing the envelope of digital art. While working with a diverse range of performance artists, music producers performing live and designing album art, noemind has also explored the fashion world and is breaking through the snowboard industry. You may have seen the art of noemind at events such as: Burning Man, Cochella, Lightning in a Bottle, Envision (Costa Rica) and most transformational festivals, enchanting the environment through color therapy and theta-visual-technology. The intention behind these creations calls forth unconditional love, healing energy, and restoration of all imbalances on this planet – and all dimensions everywhere.

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The Art of Noemind

noemind [pronounced] no•mind \ know•mind: All Heart = no mind. When thinking stops. BEING takes over.

Check out our good friend and Visionary Artist live digital painting///