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David Beaudry – Pillar of Light

David Beaudry – Pillar of Light

Label: Devaproject

Release date: 2014

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Pillar of Light
David Beaudry
The Pillar of Light is an activation and energy transmission. It’s an ancient practice passed down through a lineage of Qigong masters to directly center a practitioner in their I AM Presence. At it’s essence The Pillar of Light is learning how to return to your original nature and create a sacred space of healing. This is a spiritual technology using your intention, attention, breath and subtle hand seals to activate your God Presence, above and below, within and without. Once activated you carry this Pillar of Awakened awareness in your heart and vibrate this energy of universal love everywhere you go.
1. Introduction
2. Grounding Meditation
3. Pillar of Light (Quantum Reality Mix)
4. Pillar of Light (Harmonic Wonderland Mix)
5. Advanced Pillar Activation (Short Activation)
6. Pillar of Light (Full Version)
“All I can say is that the pillar of light meditation has been one of the most profound practices I’ve ever incorporated in my life. It allows me to ground myself and stay centered, even though there is so much chaos around me. Thank you for sharing your light.”
~ Joshua, Healer and Herbalist