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Jami has been the audio producer, DJ and co-founder on tour with Qi Revolution since 2005.   He is a master at creating a healing soundscape that nurtures and Inspires real transformation.   Sound is perhaps one of the most powerful influences in our energy field. It is an invisible force that connects and can translate a moment into pure feeling. Sound is the carrier wave of Unity Consciousness.



The pristine quality of pure sound is difficult to duplicate. It requires sophisticated equipment and a sixth sense to fully deliver what is truly possible. Creating an environment that draws your audience in is a true artform that few understand. Adjusting & tuning a few knobs can make all the difference between creating a distraction or an enthusiastic moment.We have experience in creating a unified field of sound where the participants of a gathering feel naturally inspired by the subtleties of the ambient sound that envelop the the venue.



The ability to translate a Live Event into a fully produced recording that is more effective and inspiring than the original is not only possible but is the standard goal of production at devaproject. It is one thing to have an amazing live training event for 100’s of people, but then to reproduce it into an even more effective audio training that can then reach 1000’s is not only extremely valuable but increases growth exponentially for your organization.



“His music brings goosebumps because the vibe is so high.” Dj Devaliminal delivers a sound that is difficult to describe. It is clear that his life purpose is to inspire greatness in others. He has a passion for ecstatic dance and together with his Beloved, Megan Cannon they create PURE MAGIC through their lifestyle which includes Parenting with Presence, Organic High-Vibe Foods, Yoga, Qigong, Meditation and Ecstatic Dance.


“Jami Deva is in touch with his soul to the point he gives meaning to the word soulful.  One that is soulful can touch you in a deep way…at the soul level.  I had the pleasure of getting to have Jami’s music underlying my Tedx San Francisco presentation and he performed it LIVE.  The music was able to add a facet of wonder that was unexpected, ethereal, deep and straight to the heart.  This kind of music will continue to set a new standard in how we choose to display the true wonders and imagination that have been given to us by the Creator energy of this Dimension we live in.  The representation of the Divine feminine and masculine in Deva’s work sets him apart, with an imaginative flair that plucks the heart strings.  In one word:  Blissful.”

~ Rabia Hayek – Founder Do As One

“Jami creates and DJ’s high-powered Conscious Music like nobody else.  His vibe is so high it brings goosebumps. He’s been the audio lead and DJ at 100+ large Qi Revolution events and always can be counted on to curate compositions that set the tone for an extraordinary experience.”

~ Jeff Primack – Founder Supreme Science Qigong

“I highly endorse Jami Deva for his well-developed ability to put on successful, life-altering and spiritual events. His expertise in organizing complex details to generate spiritual events is abundantly clear. I wish him the very best in his endeavors. It is not often that one finds someone who is so dedicated to work on behalf of the evolution of man.”

~ The Seer Almine Barton 

“Jami Deva is an extremely creative and soulful person sensitive to the needs of humanity, and has a talent for bringing great people together when producing a project. Jami has a keen sensitivity for audio, visual, and all the senses, for that matter. He expects the extraordinary, and gets it.”

~ Jim Beckwith – singer/songwriter

3 Responses to “Sacred Space Studios”

  1. Trevor Samuels says:

    I am very interested in recording my guitars that I have been using to create a musical sound that not only raises your consciousness but can also rock you to heaven and a blissful state of enlightenment. I have been playing about 45 years but never recorded. Looks like you guys have the right vibes. I would like to know more about you.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    I have been receiving increased compliments of the SriYantra pendant that I wear, was made 4 yrs ago.. I am appreciative of your work and am sharing your website with others. Thank you

  3. Hi Jami !

    I channel love, light and wisdom from the stellar families and I fell in love with your so profoundly inspired music background activated with Tiara Kumara’s high frequencies in her Morphogenesis program !
    I feel strongly guided to find for my own channeling collective sessions such a music with a high level of inspiration…Is it possible to purchase some of the musics you realized for the morphogenesis program and to use it for my channelings, or some similar musics ? I’m afraid of not having a large budget for this, but who knows ? Tank you for your answer and for your channeled music…I live in France and you may discover the frequencies I channel on

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