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Wonderland – Gaia Healing

Wonderland – Gaia Healing

Label: Devaproject

Release date: 2011

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Gaia Healing
60 minutes of continuous music composed using solfeggio frequencies of healing. The tones and harmonic structures used in this CD facilitate cellular regeneration and subtle energy activation. The composition features all original music by Jami Deva and Rick Johnson. The effects of listening to harmonic empowered frequency can be a profound assistance to arriving at deep states of meditation & repairing  DNA.
“Listening to Gaia Healing is like swimming in Light!”
From the opening tones, the first time I heard it, I was struck like a bell and immediate, sympathetic vibrations began to cascade through my body. This was not just music, this was an encounter. This was conscious awareness of sound and vibration affecting me on multiple levels and it was profoundly soothing.  My first sensations were physical. Cascading vibrations like water flowing under the skin.  I wasn’t merely listening to sounds, I was being completely saturated by the inter-playing harmonies. The accompanying mental image was one of being saturated by light. Each tone was a color of light, that flowed throughout every cell of mind, body, spirit. I have to reiterate, it was not passive. This was not something that was happening to me, I was resonating in sympathetic vibration. I was swimming in Light.  I have listened to Gaia Healing every single day since I first encountered it. I use it in my daily Qi Gong practice and often loop it, having it play throughout the day and night. What’s really fun is watching other people hear it and seeing them stop dead and cock their head the way I did.
There is something here that is deep, profound and very healing. 
  ~ Creighton Larson, Fire Hands QiGong Practitioner