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The Breath Empowerment group practice will clear the body’s energy channels and revitalize your internal organs.

“In 2005, I  received my first Breath Empowerment and I remember it like it was yesterday…  My entire body was vibrating with Prana and my Mind’s Eye was filled with rainbow light.  The Goddess Tara appeared to be breathing into my nostrils her Sacred Breath and Healing Energy coursed through my entire body.  It permanently changed my life and I knew right then that I would share this practice with others.” ~ Jami Deva

The 45 minute practice accelerates healing and physical energy with incredible sensation of vibration & heat. It generates so much internal energy that the process facilitates opening blocked meridians. It’s a great practice that is highly beneficial to do before any other energy modality, such as yoga, qigong, tai chi, dance, etc.

Many people have shared that their experience of the Breath Empowerment was “BETTER than any drug!” God’s breath provides the ultimate natural high. Learn how to release the naturally occurring DMT from your brain’s pineal gland. Transformation is as simple as laying down and breathing. This is a great practice to penetrate blockages and experience the true BLISS master yogis have described.

Sound like a journey you want to experience?

Come join us for an intimate gathering that will be like no other!


Breath empowermen  is amazing! ~ complete relaxation, return to source. I had an out-of-body-experience with full on visuals. I first saw kundalini energy rising though all of the chakra points (rainbow colored like the chakra diagrams) which I have never seen before. Then the energy moved up and the scene changed. There was a skull with violet light behind it and rainbow energy flooding out of the eyes. I created this art piece from the inspiration of that experience. If you have never experienced anything like this I HIGHLY recommend it. Deva is a professional at breathing and he will take you across the finish line into high dimensions.

~ Jesse Noemind


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