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Love Activation – Ojai


6 – 10 pm  Saturday, August 3rd – Ojai @ Sacred Space Studio

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Love Activation is a 4 hour immersive experience that begins with a Breath Empowerment group practice that will clear the body’s energy channels and revitalize your internal organs. We then flow gracefully into a ecstatic dance set as you dance your body into bliss. We call it a LOVE Activation because that is what it is!


“In 2005, I  received my first Breath Empowerment and I remember it like it was yesterday…  My entire body was vibrating with Prana and my Mind’s Eye was filled with rainbow light.  The Goddess Tara appeared to be breathing into my nostrils her Sacred Breath and Healing Energy coursed through my entire body.  It permanently changed my life and I knew right then that I would share this practice with others.” ~ Jami Deva

At every Qi Revolution seminar, we begin with the Breath Empowerment and it’s been shared with over 40,000 people at live events. The 45 minute practice accelerates healing and physcial energy with incredible sensation of vibration & heat. It generates so much internal energy that the process facilitates opening blocked meridians. It’s a great practice that is highly beneficial to do before any other energy modality, such as yoga, qigong, tai chi, dance, etc.

Many people have shared that their experience of the Breath Empowerment was “BETTER than any drug!” God’s breath provides the ultimate natural high. Learn how to release the naturally occurring DMT from your pineal gland. Transformation is as simple as laying down and breathing. This is a great practice to penetrate blockages and experience the true BLISS master yogis have described.

“I have personally experienced over 60 Breath Empowerments… each one was divinely unique; yes, even very similar to the use of ceremonial medicine. Each experience has been expansive and an inward journey in my divine connection with Breath, riding the waves of Spirit. No one experience is the same, although each time, immense energy is vibrating through my body and only love for life remains.” ~ Sheila Janan

After our Breath Empowerment journey, we integrate and move into an ecstatic dance facilitation called Love Activation.  Love Activation is an immersive open-hearted surrender of being, filled with movement allowing music to flow through you. It is a surrender of self into the movement… You become an exquisite, whole-body prayer. The experience opens with a BreathWork Portal that creates a Unified Field and from there we combine Breath, Melody, Rhythm,  Freedom,  Joy,  Light, DANCE & the Activated Spirit of your Authentic Self…

Sheila and  Jami  have co-facilitated  large groups of 200 – 2000  people all  breathing at the same time. Sound like a journey you want to experience? Come join us for an intimate gathering that will be like no other!

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