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A vibratory healing experience of soundscapes audio that can be felt within the physical body catalyzing relaxation, mental stillness, deep peace & calm. From this still point experience the expansiveness of your being as the attuned frequencies create resonance and harmony on a cellular level.

Download contains over 20 hours of luminous therapeutic music mixed in 432hz.
– soundtracks for movement meditation classes
– breathwork soundtracks
– massage session soundtracks
– bonus material

How can listening to 432hz attuned music achieve greater results during healing sessions or classes?
Attuning to 432hz creates a more natural coherence and resonance within the body leading to deeper relaxation, stress reduction and receptivity. This is beneficial both for healing practitioners and those receiving the healing. For those receiving healing work, the ability to drop into a deeper relaxed state will support the practitioners ability to open areas that are stressed, or contracted with more fluidity and grace. For the Practitioner the healing harmonics will create more focus and ability to really attune to the moment and the client, giving a deeper more efficient healing session.