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Breakthrough (compilation) – Jami Deva


Mixed to Enhance your State of Mind…
1. Manavantara – Bliss
2. Better Days – Golden Tone Radio
3. Break of Dawn – Karsh Kale
4. Swerve – Winter Lazerus
5. Surrender – Kaskade
6. Sound of the River – Tina Malia
7. Duality – Tumbara
8. Nomad – Niraj Chag
9. From Mumbai – Kaya Project
10. Tangerine Thumri (Orange Turban Remix) – Prem Joshua
11. DeeDee Divine – Sasha Rose & Shakatura
12. Heal This Land – Tina Malia
13. Ananda – Nandkashur Muley
14 Breathe – Jami Deva
Digital Download – $10


A continuous mix of downtempo rhythmic selections from Bliss, Tina Malia, Prem Joshua, Karsh Kale, Kaskade, Niraj Chag, Kaya Project, Noa Winter Lazerus, and others. BREAKTHROUGH represents a treasury of some of Jami Deva’s favorite tracks of all time that illustrates the true power of music to elevate the mind and spirit. Mixed to enhance your state of mind, it is great for listening to anytime. It is the music that is featured during the Qi Activation Event during the breaks.

Digital Download – $10

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