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Kundalini – Wonderland

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1. Inside
2. Invitation
3. Aethyr
4. Symbiosys
5. Shifting
6. Kundun
7. Kundalini
8. Outro    


Digital Download – $10


60 minutes of continuous music composed using the frequencies of healing. The tones and harmonic structures used in this CD facilitate cellular regeneration and subtle energy activation. The composition features all original music by Jami Deva and Rick Johnson. The effects of listening to harmonic empowered frequency can be quite profound when used in combination with breathwork, meditative movement, or healing massage.

Digital Download – $10

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2 reviews for Kundalini – Wonderland

  1. Dori White

    Excellent! I can’t imagine that it just gets better and better! I am absolutely fascinated and captivated and entranced by your sounds. They actually help to guide and sustain me during my meditations, which are more and more frequent these days. No longer simply touching the sky, but the Universe is the limit and beyond.
    I can’t thank you enough…

    ~ Dori White, LMT

  2. Rick DeYampert

    ✩✩✩✩✩ I give it a rare 5 Stars!
    Wonderland’s new CD, “Kundalini,” is 60 minutes of instrumental mystic bliss, a chill-out sonic yoga masterpiece. The secret of Wonderland’s through-the-looking-glass world is how Johnson deftly weaves just the right amount of melody into his wash of synths, lifting the eight buoyant tracks of “Kundalini” far above the realm of “acoustic wallpaper.” The highlight here is the track “Aethyr,” which floats along on waves of synthesizers that shape-shift like clouds in the sky, while a song-bird synth flits here and there, cooing a sweet melody. “Aethyr” deserves to be a mainstream hit every bit as much as Vangelis’ “Chariots of Fire” or Enya’s “Orinoco Flow.” But all of this aptly titled CD succeeds in raising what yoga practitioners call “kundalini energy” — the “energy of the soul.”

    ~ Rick DeYampert, Entertainment Editor – Daytona Beach News Journal

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