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Qi Goddess – Jami Deva & Sasha Rose

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1. Qi Goddess Extended Mix

Digital Download – $10


50 minutes of continuous music composed for massage and healing. This CD is a direct response to so many therapists asking for a healing music CD to play during an hour long massage session. It features the angelic sounds of Sasha Rose and ambient bliss of Jami Deva. This CD weaves together the perfect energetic balance of Yin and Yang. It is sure to put you or your patients into an expanded state where deep healing can happen.  Qi Goddess has become famous in the Hypno-birthing community and has been used to relax new Mom’s while welcoming newly arrived beauties.


Digital Download – $10

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Digital Download, Physical CD (includes Digital Download)

4 reviews for Qi Goddess – Jami Deva & Sasha Rose

  1. Crystal Fedelle (verified owner)

    ✩✩✩✩✩ 5 Stars for Qi Goddess!

    I absolutely LOVE Qi Goddess. I play this CD for my Acupuncture and Hypnosis clients as well as use it during childbirth. It is a perfect scene setting CD, creating a calm, yet romantic and passionate environment. The production quality is outstanding and the continual track format makes it so it doesn’t disturb the flow that the music creates. I recommend this to all therapists as well as anyone looking for a way to relax and get in to a groove at home.

    ~ Crystal Fedelle, Acupuncture Physician/Midwife

  2. Jaime Collaco (verified owner)

    “Qi Goddess is a magical and transcendent piece of music and art. It creates a deep and nurturing relaxation for the mind, body and spirit, along with a lucid-like state with Jami Deva’s masterful production and Sasha Rose’s angelic vocals. I use Qi Goddess on a regular basis in my own personal practice for deep meditations, private practitioner sessions, visionings, and large group conscious breath experiences. Most recently, my wife and I intentionally chose to use this powerful and blissful work during the birth of our third daughter which ushered my wife through labor with a deep peace and focused presence. It has become an instant tool that I can reach to touch and feel the power of the Goddess that is inherent within us all. I applaud the artistry and the intent of this music. My hope is that it is the beginning of a vast library of Jami Deva’s upcoming work. I will continue to experience and share Qi Goddess and its magical beauty on a regular basis. In joy.”

    Jaime Collaco,
    Actor, Storyteller, Visionary, Father
    Co-Founder Do As One & Omnibreath
    Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner


    wonderful magical music that penetrates my soul and heart , i love your music!!! thank you for making this lovely wave of love!!!!

  4. Tanya Chapman

    I heard this at a spa today and came home and bought it. It is absolutely awesome!

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