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Temple Oil

We offer the following beautiful fragrances to enhance your spiritual experience; though sound, scents, and time.

Temple Oil is a synergistic blend of some of the world’s most sacred scents, combining sage, sandalwood, frankincense, & nag champa in a jojoba base.

Temple Oil is an original, hand-blended fragrance oil noted for its unique essence…

Think incense in sacred places …
both earthy and ethereal, with just the right touch of sweetness
combining in a heady fragrance that can be worn and enjoyed by both women and men.

Temple Oil comes to you in a 10 mL bottle of pure bliss. Spill-proof dripulator/plug.

Customers have called this distinctive fragrance “intoxicating”, “divine,” and “inspiring.”

What People are saying about Temple Oil:

After discovering your Temple Oil at a Jeff Primack’s QiGong class last August 2012 in New Haven, CT. I was hooked! I’ve never smelled a more intoxicating essential oil blend ever before. I use it in my private massage practice in my aromatherapy diffuser as well as in my unscented body lotion because I just can’t get enough of the scent.
Thank you for putting this blend together and you definitely have a customer for life!

Sandra Russo, LMT

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