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Why We Wear Sacred Geometry

If you’ve checked out pictures from our website, our pendants, or even our WhiteLight clothing you will notice there are similar intricate patterns on them.  Patterns whose symmetry and harmonics resonate with our being on some level, way deeper then the geometry we learned in school.  These geometric patterns are known as Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry has been used for thousands of years to build sacred structures and sites, to harness the energy of the cosmos.  It is believed by some that these patterns are the geometric foundations of the Universe.  As if creator gifted us the blueprints to access energy at a more efficient and elevated level.

For example, the Flower of Life can be found at ancient sites all over the world on almost every continent!  Perhaps it’s mere coincidence, or maybe there is something more intelligent at work here.


As we stated before, these Divine patterns can be found all around us; in nature, in architecture, in art, and nowadays on clothing. Why do we wear Sacred Geometry? Is it because it looks cool? Or is it because we feel more attuned when wearing these aligned patterns?

The answer is yes and yes.  There is no doubting that these patterns look amazing when wearing them on our clothing (especially if the clothing is organic and has crystals embedded in the ink like the White Light gear). Beyond this, we feel these symbols help us resonate at a more coherent level and attuned vibration.

These symbols can be found at sacred sites all over the world, and since the body is our most sacred temple, perhaps it makes sense to align to these frequencies.  First we must “Know thyself,” as Socrates once said, by going within our being, our mind, our body temple.  We must contemplate our being, connect to Source within, and wonder at the amazing fact that WE EXIST!

Perhaps try dropping into your being with assistance from one of Devaproject’s albums to help you, if meditating or going within is too difficult for you in silence.  Once we connect within, we can connect to the gratitude for simply being alive and breathing, on a spinning orb in the middle of a giant universe made of cosmic space dust that seems to form in Sacred Geometrical patterns! Wow! right?!

Hopefully this has inspired you to shine your light! If you’d like to attune your vibration to Sacred Geometrical frequencies,  then you check out our fun stylin’ options… Limited Edition White Light Gear or Sacred G Pendants. Blessings.


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The Power of Dance! FREE MUSIC

Every week in our little town of Ojai, we hold an Ecstatic Dance that we call DevaDance.  These Love Activations open the space for people to set themselves free through dance and movement. Everyone can dance.  While many may say otherwise the truth is that if you can move, you can dance, if you can feel, you can dance.  It is an innate part of our being and somewhere along the way some of us begin comparing ourselves with others, and rather than move our body to the beat, we end up no longer moving our feet.



In many indigenous culture, dance is an integral part of the lifestyle, and in many cases is not just a form of movement but a form of prayer and connecting to spirit.  Even academia believes that dancing can have a positive affect on our being.  Check out this quote from

“There is no doubt of the positive effect, in general, of physical activity on the brain, on cognitive functioning, and on age-related problems, notes David Kahn, an instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School whose research supports the development of a neuropsychology of dreaming. “But dancing adds another aspect to exercise and its effect on our bodies and brains,” he says, “because it is a joyous activity.”

We are designed to move and feel joy while moving! However, in today’s modern culture we are more sedentary than ever.  These days many of us spend more time hunched over our computers tapping our finger tips, than out on the dancefloor tapping our toes.   Dance is unique, because it allows us to truly connect deeper to the truth of who we are.  Whether the beat has you shaking and flailing your arms, spinning in circles, or doing some QiGong, there is no wrong way to dance!

Screen shot 2015-03-06 at 12.50.57 PM

You can dance as exercise, or just for fun, and if you allow yourself to feel the music and dance to the beat of the drum, or flow to the melody, we believe that you will feel amazing after the fact.

Need some inspiration?  Then take a listen to Jami Deva’s, aka Devaliminal, Valentine’s Day DevaDance Mix that he orchestrated this past V-day in Ojai.  You can download it for free or just stream it on soundcloud, but one thing we advise you don’t do is sit still while listening to it.  It can be for 10 min or a couple of hours, just find a spot in the mix that really gets you moving and let your soul move through your body and see how you feel after.

Movement can be Meditation.  Movement can be healing. Movement is part of us.
So get up and dance!

Valentine’s Day Dance Mix



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What is that… SOUND?

We have been discussing how everything is energy, how harmonic patterns and vibrations can be observed in nature, and even how the word healing means “to become sound.”  Which leads us to our next question… What is sound?  

According to the dictionary, Sound is defined as – “vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s or animal’s ear.”  Pretty simple definition but what does that actually mean?

It means that the vibrations we call sound need a transmission medium, which is a material substance (solid, liquid, gas, or plasma) in order to spread energy waves.  Sound is dependent on a medium, which means that the presence of atoms, molecules, or some structure is necessary for sound to travel, unlike Light, which travels much faster, and can travel within a space void of matter, aka a ‘vacuum.’


Why is this important?

Well from our perspective it shows the tremendous impact that sound can have on the human body.  If we are made up atoms, molecules, and cells, and sound literally needs these things to be able to travel, then Sound is literally vibrating through us.

It’s like sound uses these particles and materials to literally surf through the air, which could explain why we can feel sound so deeply in our body.  Now not all sound is harmonic with our bodies which can cause dissonance, however when sound resonates with our being then we can come into a state of coherence (the quality of forming a unified whole).


This is why sound, especially in the form of music, is so powerful, making it a tremendous tool for humanity.  Whether it’s shared in a  group or by an individual, music can harmonize with our bodies providing us all sorts of benefits.  From relaxation, to stress relief  and beyond, music/sound has the capabilities to support our health, well being, mood, and more.

Before we go any further let’s try another sample – Listen to this clip of Qi Goddess and really feel it, after all, the sound will literally be vibrating through the air, and your body! Our intention is to create vibrations that bring the atoms and cells of your body into harmony. so take a listen, see how you feel, and stay tuned for more…


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Patterns Found in Nature and Music

Our world is filled with vibrations and patterns. If we look at nature we see similar spirals and ratio’s all over the place.  If everything is composed of energy, and nature is showing us these distinct patterns, then wouldn’t it make sense to conclude that sound would also have distinct patterns? We find that certain frequencies and wavelengths are more ‘attuned‘ with nature and our Human Nature. These harmonics and Divine proportions can be found in the Human Body, Nature, and Music.  That is why we have been studying the healing benefits of attuning to A=432Hz. 432Hz is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe.




432Hz is also reflected in ratios of the Sun, Earth, and the moon as well as the precession of the equinoxes, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Stonehenge and the Sri Yantra. The noticeable difference music lovers and musicians have reported with music attuned to A=432Hz is that it magically induces a more inward experience that is felt inside the body, heart and mind.



This ‘Attunement’ is good for those in need of healing, and also beneficial for Practitioners when working on clients.  In both cases the more resonant the vibration, the deeper the practitioner, client, or listener can drop into their inner space where true healing can be catalyzed.

Before we go too deep into 432Hz (stay attuned to future posts), check out this video clip from a few decades ago produced by Disney about Mathematics in Nature and Music.  It touches on Pythagoras, the Golden Rectangle, and how it applies in our world, in a fun animation guided by Donald Duck.  This short clip is a great place to start regarding the topic of how nature, music, and even the human body share the same proportions.


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Want to live a High Vibrational, Attuned Lifestyle?

Devaproject strives to provide people tools & support for living a high vibrational, attuned lifestyle through music, meditation, movement, and more! High Vibrations? Attuned? Sounds nice, but what do we even mean by that?

Everything is Vibration.  Albert Einstein once said the same thing and look how a modest clerk in a patent office turned out! We aren’t claiming to be the next Einstein, we are here to share our perspective and help provide information on how to better our lives together.

Vibrate literally means “to move rhythmically and steadily to and fro, as a pendulum”.  In our modern day we are filled with all different frequencies and wavelengths that do not move ‘rhythmically and steadily,’  and are rather jarring and disharmonious frequencies. Unless you spend lots of time in Nature (which we highly suggest) then you may be experiencing these dissonant patterns.

These disharmonious patterns may have an affect on us, however no matter what goes on outside of us, we can always come back to the inner harmony that resides within ourselves.  As we go within and connect to this ‘inner-source’ of our being, we begin to resonate within the heart space and that energy vibrates within all our atoms, cells, and space between; and we become sound.  The word ‘Healing‘ literally means” to become sound!


To become “Sound” means ‘‘to be free from injury, damage, defect, disease, etc; in good condition; healthy; robust.”  This is why it is our mission to research and develop the most healing tools that can be used by everyday people to support our healing process, as well as be utilized by healers to support their practices to enhance their work with clients.

So when we bring these energies, these vibrations, these patterns into accord, or harmony, we call this being Attuned.  Through Attuned Music and Lifestyle we can continue to raise our vibrations to the healthiest resonant frequency for our being.  When we begin to resonate with this vibration, we become sound, and healing commences.

This is one of the reasons we create music and meditations so that you can take a moment out of your busy day to just be with you, and tune into your vibrations.  By dropping into to our heart, we find a stillness where, although everything is actually in motion, we can attune to our true energy, that divine spark that creates all things.


Try it out!  Take a moment and listen to a clip from Gaia Healing below and really allow yourself to drop in and feel the vibrations of the music. Put on some headphones or on a pair of nice speakers, close your eyes, breathe naturally, smile into your heart and just listen.  After the clip finishes, see what you feel like and see if you notice any shifts.  We are going to continue this discussion in future emails so make sure to check them out! And we would love to hear about any experiences you had when you listened to a portion of Gaia Healing.  If you would like to share then contact us at .  We look forward to hearing from you!

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What About Me? – Let’s Give You Some Free Music

Imagine traveling the world visiting 50 countries in 6 months to explore the philosophical idea of the self and capturing the journey through music, interview and video. That’s what our friend Jamie Catto and his partner Duncan Bridgeman accomplished  in their documentary film What About Me? . They set out to meet with the most inspiring and illuminating people they could find and to connect with the cream of the worlds musicians and create immense multi-layered music with them.

It features Tim RobbinsDaniel Lanoisk.d. langSusan SarandonZap MamaBob GeldofNoam ChomskyBilly ConnollyMarianne WilliamsonDeepak ChopraNeale Donald WalcshCourtney LoveCarrie FisherBhagavan DasRam DassOumou SangareRokia TraoreStephen FryEckhart TolleMichael FrantiMichael StipeDBC PierreWill YoungMaxi JazzOumou Sangare,Mahotella QueensStewart CopelandLila Downs Ramata Diakite, and others.

Click Here for a Free Download of this powerful world music <<<

What About Me? Wanting by whataboutme





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Float On

Isolation tanks were first used by John C Lilly in 1954 to test the effects of sensory deprivation. Such tanks are now also used for meditation and relaxation and in alternative medicine. The isolation tank was originally called the sensory deprivation tank. I recently came across this company who sells isolation tanks. I really dig the futuristic space design. You can have one of these in your home for around $15K.




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The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.


I am finding new parts of me every day.

Its an exciting time and place to be alive right now. I am pleased in our ascension process and the rate at which the frequencies are shifting. How about you? Are you riding the wave or being swept under? It’s a very transformational time.  Monitoring our time and energy is very important in this now and upcoming perceived “time.” As everything magnifies we will find ourselves living out our dreams/thoughts/ideas much quicker. You can think of it as a planetary alignment, but perhaps you could look at it as more a soul adjustment. I find myself in constant awe of this co-creation we all participate in. Thank you for allowing me to offer my service as a vision keeper.


Here is some music from Phonat. I hope you enjoy the time travel.

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More often than not, the process of becoming takes it’s sweet time. Even when we pass through a sudden breakthrough portal we usually have quite the integration process that accompanies it. We begin to notice that events in our lives (and their processes) have a natural rhythm to their unfolding…

I have learned that the road to greatness cannot be rushed and if in our impatience or excited anticipation we attempt to do so, we usually end up being reminded that haste makes waste. Such has been the journey of our new website. We went through many challenges along the way. I was impatient, I wanted to “make things happen”. I wanted to honor the InSpiration that was coming through me, but it wasn’t on my team’s timeline… Or I thought I wanted things a certain way only to find out (after several revisions) that we are often mistaken and once we are patient, things have the possibility of unfolding beyond what we had imagined…

Arrival is an amazing feeling of reaching the goal. It’s a great feeling… Like a long awaited exhale that is dripping with gratitude. Ahhhh, YES, gratitude… I would like to mention the tech team  who have contributed their energy to this Arrival – My Jedi Webmaster, William Potter, Nikko Bivens, and Jesse Noemind.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

We are super excited to be teaming up with Noemind! He is officially the Art Director at Devaproject. All the art and design that you see featured everywhere on this site is his work. He is an amazingly talented young visionary artist. It is one of my goals to share his extraordinary vision with all of you.

In celebration of the idea of Arrival, there is an amazing piece of healing music that I want to mention. It is the final track on my latest release, Sacred Space by David Ison. David has done something extraordinary. This track features 32 layers of harmonic magic. It represents the soundtrack of reaching The Goal. Like the Space that you enter into after years and years of intense Spiritual Work. One day the Light pierces through and the Lion Gate opens to reveal the Higher Realm of Absolute Connection.

What a beautiful place to begin…

<o> devaliminal


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The Art of Being Human

I‘ve been reading most recently from the Toltec lineage, through Don Miguel Ruiz,  and his son, Don Jose. I was so inspired after reading my last chapter, I decided to summarize the juiciest information here….

We are the artist of our own life, an artist of the spirit. Our greatest masterpiece of art is the use of language to create an entire Virtual Reality within our mind.  The Virtual Reality we create could be a clear reflection of the Truth, or it could be completely distorted.  Either way, it’s art.  Our creation could be our personal heaven, or it could be our personal hell.  From creations perspective, it doesn’t matter; it’s art.  We can begin to recognize reality (Truth) from virtual reality (symbology/art). If we become better artists, our Virtual Reality becomes a better reflection of the Truth, and we can create a masterpiece of heaven with our art.  We create a Virtual Reality with or without awareness… and if it’s with awareness, we’re going to enjoy our creation.

We can learn how to master the Virtual Reality of our human mind… this requires complete attention – the way we interpret and react to information from inside of us and outside of us.  Self mastery begins with self awareness.  Truth leads to self-mastery, to a life that’s very easy; our distortion of the truth often leads to needless conflict and human suffering. The Toltecs created 3 masteries of the artist… the Mastery of Awareness, the Mastery of Transformation, and the Mastery of Love/ Intent/ Faith.  These 3 masteries guide us out of suffering and return us to our true nature, which is happiness, freedom and love.

When we see the Truth, we see everything just as it is, not the way we believe it is, not the way we wish it to be.  What is real or Truth, we cannot change, and it doesn’t matter what we believe.  With Mastery of Awareness, we become aware of what is real, and then aware of what is Virtual, which is what we believe about what is real. With this awareness, we know that we can change what is Virtual (symbology or art) by changing what we believe.  Here is magic of the Art of being human… we can create our own heaven on Earth, as the artist of our own life by mastering the Virtual Reality of our own mind.  I can imagine no greater freedom.

I hope this sharing inspires you, as you become your own Master, you are an Artist, creating a masterpiece!

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