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Why We Wear Sacred Geometry

If you’ve checked out pictures from our website, our pendants, or even our WhiteLight clothing you will notice there are similar intricate patterns on them.  Patterns whose symmetry and harmonics resonate with our being on some level, way deeper then the geometry we learned in school.  These geometric patterns are known as Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry has been used for thousands of years to build sacred structures and sites, to harness the energy of the cosmos.  It is believed by some that these patterns are the geometric foundations of the Universe.  As if creator gifted us the blueprints to access energy at a more efficient and elevated level.

For example, the Flower of Life can be found at ancient sites all over the world on almost every continent!  Perhaps it’s mere coincidence, or maybe there is something more intelligent at work here.


As we stated before, these Divine patterns can be found all around us; in nature, in architecture, in art, and nowadays on clothing. Why do we wear Sacred Geometry? Is it because it looks cool? Or is it because we feel more attuned when wearing these aligned patterns?

The answer is yes and yes.  There is no doubting that these patterns look amazing when wearing them on our clothing (especially if the clothing is organic and has crystals embedded in the ink like the White Light gear). Beyond this, we feel these symbols help us resonate at a more coherent level and attuned vibration.

These symbols can be found at sacred sites all over the world, and since the body is our most sacred temple, perhaps it makes sense to align to these frequencies.  First we must “Know thyself,” as Socrates once said, by going within our being, our mind, our body temple.  We must contemplate our being, connect to Source within, and wonder at the amazing fact that WE EXIST!

Perhaps try dropping into your being with assistance from one of Devaproject’s albums to help you, if meditating or going within is too difficult for you in silence.  Once we connect within, we can connect to the gratitude for simply being alive and breathing, on a spinning orb in the middle of a giant universe made of cosmic space dust that seems to form in Sacred Geometrical patterns! Wow! right?!

Hopefully this has inspired you to shine your light! If you’d like to attune your vibration to Sacred Geometrical frequencies,  then you check out our fun stylin’ options… Limited Edition White Light Gear or Sacred G Pendants. Blessings.


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