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Patterns Found in Nature and Music

Our world is filled with vibrations and patterns. If we look at nature we see similar spirals and ratio’s all over the place.  If everything is composed of energy, and nature is showing us these distinct patterns, then wouldn’t it make sense to conclude that sound would also have distinct patterns? We find that certain frequencies and wavelengths are more ‘attuned‘ with nature and our Human Nature. These harmonics and Divine proportions can be found in the Human Body, Nature, and Music.  That is why we have been studying the healing benefits of attuning to A=432Hz. 432Hz is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe.




432Hz is also reflected in ratios of the Sun, Earth, and the moon as well as the precession of the equinoxes, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Stonehenge and the Sri Yantra. The noticeable difference music lovers and musicians have reported with music attuned to A=432Hz is that it magically induces a more inward experience that is felt inside the body, heart and mind.



This ‘Attunement’ is good for those in need of healing, and also beneficial for Practitioners when working on clients.  In both cases the more resonant the vibration, the deeper the practitioner, client, or listener can drop into their inner space where true healing can be catalyzed.

Before we go too deep into 432Hz (stay attuned to future posts), check out this video clip from a few decades ago produced by Disney about Mathematics in Nature and Music.  It touches on Pythagoras, the Golden Rectangle, and how it applies in our world, in a fun animation guided by Donald Duck.  This short clip is a great place to start regarding the topic of how nature, music, and even the human body share the same proportions.


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