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Want to live a High Vibrational, Attuned Lifestyle?

Devaproject strives to provide people tools & support for living a high vibrational, attuned lifestyle through music, meditation, movement, and more! High Vibrations? Attuned? Sounds nice, but what do we even mean by that?

Everything is Vibration.  Albert Einstein once said the same thing and look how a modest clerk in a patent office turned out! We aren’t claiming to be the next Einstein, we are here to share our perspective and help provide information on how to better our lives together.

Vibrate literally means “to move rhythmically and steadily to and fro, as a pendulum”.  In our modern day we are filled with all different frequencies and wavelengths that do not move ‘rhythmically and steadily,’  and are rather jarring and disharmonious frequencies. Unless you spend lots of time in Nature (which we highly suggest) then you may be experiencing these dissonant patterns.

These disharmonious patterns may have an affect on us, however no matter what goes on outside of us, we can always come back to the inner harmony that resides within ourselves.  As we go within and connect to this ‘inner-source’ of our being, we begin to resonate within the heart space and that energy vibrates within all our atoms, cells, and space between; and we become sound.  The word ‘Healing‘ literally means” to become sound!


To become “Sound” means ‘‘to be free from injury, damage, defect, disease, etc; in good condition; healthy; robust.”  This is why it is our mission to research and develop the most healing tools that can be used by everyday people to support our healing process, as well as be utilized by healers to support their practices to enhance their work with clients.

So when we bring these energies, these vibrations, these patterns into accord, or harmony, we call this being Attuned.  Through Attuned Music and Lifestyle we can continue to raise our vibrations to the healthiest resonant frequency for our being.  When we begin to resonate with this vibration, we become sound, and healing commences.

This is one of the reasons we create music and meditations so that you can take a moment out of your busy day to just be with you, and tune into your vibrations.  By dropping into to our heart, we find a stillness where, although everything is actually in motion, we can attune to our true energy, that divine spark that creates all things.


Try it out!  Take a moment and listen to a clip from Gaia Healing below and really allow yourself to drop in and feel the vibrations of the music. Put on some headphones or on a pair of nice speakers, close your eyes, breathe naturally, smile into your heart and just listen.  After the clip finishes, see what you feel like and see if you notice any shifts.  We are going to continue this discussion in future emails so make sure to check them out! And we would love to hear about any experiences you had when you listened to a portion of Gaia Healing.  If you would like to share then contact us at .  We look forward to hearing from you!

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More often than not, the process of becoming takes it’s sweet time. Even when we pass through a sudden breakthrough portal we usually have quite the integration process that accompanies it. We begin to notice that events in our lives (and their processes) have a natural rhythm to their unfolding…

I have learned that the road to greatness cannot be rushed and if in our impatience or excited anticipation we attempt to do so, we usually end up being reminded that haste makes waste. Such has been the journey of our new website. We went through many challenges along the way. I was impatient, I wanted to “make things happen”. I wanted to honor the InSpiration that was coming through me, but it wasn’t on my team’s timeline… Or I thought I wanted things a certain way only to find out (after several revisions) that we are often mistaken and once we are patient, things have the possibility of unfolding beyond what we had imagined…

Arrival is an amazing feeling of reaching the goal. It’s a great feeling… Like a long awaited exhale that is dripping with gratitude. Ahhhh, YES, gratitude… I would like to mention the tech team  who have contributed their energy to this Arrival – My Jedi Webmaster, William Potter, Nikko Bivens, and Jesse Noemind.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

We are super excited to be teaming up with Noemind! He is officially the Art Director at Devaproject. All the art and design that you see featured everywhere on this site is his work. He is an amazingly talented young visionary artist. It is one of my goals to share his extraordinary vision with all of you.

In celebration of the idea of Arrival, there is an amazing piece of healing music that I want to mention. It is the final track on my latest release, Sacred Space by David Ison. David has done something extraordinary. This track features 32 layers of harmonic magic. It represents the soundtrack of reaching The Goal. Like the Space that you enter into after years and years of intense Spiritual Work. One day the Light pierces through and the Lion Gate opens to reveal the Higher Realm of Absolute Connection.

What a beautiful place to begin…

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