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The Art of Being Human

I‘ve been reading most recently from the Toltec lineage, through Don Miguel Ruiz,  and his son, Don Jose. I was so inspired after reading my last chapter, I decided to summarize the juiciest information here….

We are the artist of our own life, an artist of the spirit. Our greatest masterpiece of art is the use of language to create an entire Virtual Reality within our mind.  The Virtual Reality we create could be a clear reflection of the Truth, or it could be completely distorted.  Either way, it’s art.  Our creation could be our personal heaven, or it could be our personal hell.  From creations perspective, it doesn’t matter; it’s art.  We can begin to recognize reality (Truth) from virtual reality (symbology/art). If we become better artists, our Virtual Reality becomes a better reflection of the Truth, and we can create a masterpiece of heaven with our art.  We create a Virtual Reality with or without awareness… and if it’s with awareness, we’re going to enjoy our creation.

We can learn how to master the Virtual Reality of our human mind… this requires complete attention – the way we interpret and react to information from inside of us and outside of us.  Self mastery begins with self awareness.  Truth leads to self-mastery, to a life that’s very easy; our distortion of the truth often leads to needless conflict and human suffering. The Toltecs created 3 masteries of the artist… the Mastery of Awareness, the Mastery of Transformation, and the Mastery of Love/ Intent/ Faith.  These 3 masteries guide us out of suffering and return us to our true nature, which is happiness, freedom and love.

When we see the Truth, we see everything just as it is, not the way we believe it is, not the way we wish it to be.  What is real or Truth, we cannot change, and it doesn’t matter what we believe.  With Mastery of Awareness, we become aware of what is real, and then aware of what is Virtual, which is what we believe about what is real. With this awareness, we know that we can change what is Virtual (symbology or art) by changing what we believe.  Here is magic of the Art of being human… we can create our own heaven on Earth, as the artist of our own life by mastering the Virtual Reality of our own mind.  I can imagine no greater freedom.

I hope this sharing inspires you, as you become your own Master, you are an Artist, creating a masterpiece!

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