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What is that… SOUND?

We have been discussing how everything is energy, how harmonic patterns and vibrations can be observed in nature, and even how the word healing means “to become sound.”  Which leads us to our next question… What is sound?  

According to the dictionary, Sound is defined as – “vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s or animal’s ear.”  Pretty simple definition but what does that actually mean?

It means that the vibrations we call sound need a transmission medium, which is a material substance (solid, liquid, gas, or plasma) in order to spread energy waves.  Sound is dependent on a medium, which means that the presence of atoms, molecules, or some structure is necessary for sound to travel, unlike Light, which travels much faster, and can travel within a space void of matter, aka a ‘vacuum.’


Why is this important?

Well from our perspective it shows the tremendous impact that sound can have on the human body.  If we are made up atoms, molecules, and cells, and sound literally needs these things to be able to travel, then Sound is literally vibrating through us.

It’s like sound uses these particles and materials to literally surf through the air, which could explain why we can feel sound so deeply in our body.  Now not all sound is harmonic with our bodies which can cause dissonance, however when sound resonates with our being then we can come into a state of coherence (the quality of forming a unified whole).


This is why sound, especially in the form of music, is so powerful, making it a tremendous tool for humanity.  Whether it’s shared in a  group or by an individual, music can harmonize with our bodies providing us all sorts of benefits.  From relaxation, to stress relief  and beyond, music/sound has the capabilities to support our health, well being, mood, and more.

Before we go any further let’s try another sample – Listen to this clip of Qi Goddess and really feel it, after all, the sound will literally be vibrating through the air, and your body! Our intention is to create vibrations that bring the atoms and cells of your body into harmony. so take a listen, see how you feel, and stay tuned for more…


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